James fully realises, fulfilling the requirements of a project is of the utmost importance and brings success for both the client and the artist.

A quote from Atomic provides; one initial drawing/illustration comp, one refined drawing/illustration comp and finally the finished illustration which may also include a small number of minor changes. Major changes or providing variations would require renegotiation or additional costs.

The size and scope of a project can reduce cost if several images are required.

Intended use is also considered. As an example an image used in a national or international campaign would be more than one created for use locally.

Atomic Roderick is in the business of providing visual content, within boundaries that will allow survival and growth as a business. Every effort is made with regard to client satisfaction.

James Hinderimer retains copyright on all artwork produced unless previously negotiated and otherwise stated on your invoice.

Though very rarely, occasionally a job gets cancelled mid-point for whatever reason. In the event of a cancellation appropriate fees must be negotiated and paid for time rendered. Atomic Roderick Digital Art does not take work on speculation.